Athens. Classic Direction

Athens is a cradle of the European culture. Such words and concepts as democracy, harmony, music, Mathematics, art, gastronomy, architecture, logics, euphoria and many others have Greek roots. All these words are closely connected with Athens’ history and have enriched many languages and countries. Endless history of Athens is described in various books.
The highest period of the history is dated the 5th century B.C. when Athens’ civilization and values have crossed geographical borders of the city and spread all over the world. In the following centuries Athens came through several conquests that affected the history and the image of the city.

Афинский Акрополь

An elegant crown of the city, its central decoration and dominant site is the Acropolis rock with the Parthenon on its top. The Parthenon is an ancient Greek temple of great architectural and historical significance. Generations of people through the centuries admire its white columns against the background of the blue sky. Only 300 meters far from the holy rock the Acropolis Museum is located. It is one of the most perfect examples of modern architecture. The Museum houses more than 4000 artifacts of great archeological value found on the rock.

Panorama of Athens

Plaka neighbourhood since the ancient times has been considered to be a heart of the Athens’ historical center. Walking along its wandering streets between the houses and mansions of the Ottoman Empire period and neo classic period you can find a lot of ancient monuments.


Monastiraki neighbourhood is the next on this route. It is one of the authentic districts keeping the atmosphere of the “old Athens” with its traditional kiosks where you can buy whatever you wish. Not so far from there Psirri neighbourhood is located. Psirri is a vibrant neoclassic district of Athens, it is one of the most popular city locations with its nightlife, bars, clubs and taverns.


The modern center of the city is represented with two squares – Syntagma and Omonia with the most beautiful neoclassic buildings and the Greek Parliament.

Changing of the guard at the parliament in Athens

You can feel the heartbeat of the city in a traditional trade area of Athens. The area includes more than 2500 shops. The largest food market is located on the western border of the area. This market resembles a bazaar with the goods from each corner of Greece.
Southern Greece is a cradle of Greek cuisine traditions. Greek cuisine is the oldest in Europe! In Athens’ restaurant you can taste both popular and rare Greek dishes.

Panorama of Athens

Combination of the modern city infrastructure with an incredibly beautiful nature of its suburbs makes the region’s landscape unique. If you feel tired from hustle and bustle of the city, you can easily get to its coastal districts. Sea shores embraced with sea foam lace, hills and mountains and a fresh breeze together create a relaxing atmosphere of a resort and help you to get rid of your tiredness.
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