Corfu Island. A Crown Jewel of the Ionian Sea

“The endless, meticulous curves of the sea flamed for an instant and then changed to a deep royal purple flecked with green. The mist lifted in quick, lithe ribbons, and before us lay the island…”.
That island was Corfu as Gerald Durrell saw it. What impression of the island will you get?

Corfu may seem to you bright, buoyantly green, noisy, all covered in flowers, full of life and giving a sense of renewal.

However, the island may be warm and cozy, calm and cool in a shadow of silver-green olive groves with the smell of honey and fruit trees in the air.

This island can give you a spirit of freedom. Water in its gulfs is clearly blue as if polished with sun rays. Corfu has sandy bays washed with white foam of waves and a fresh, salty sea breeze.
Corfu or Kerkira in Greek is a true crown jewel of the Ionian Sea. The island is the second in size among the islands of the Ionian Sea and is located in its Northern part. Its length is 542 km and its width varies from 4 to 30 km. It is one of the most famous tourist locations in Greece, a nature’s work of art which embodies cultural heritage of the western civilizations at the same time.

Corfu is a Greek Italy

Kerkira (a capital of Corfu) is one of the most beautiful Greek cities, it is often called a Small Venice.

Liston Street. Kerkyra

Walking along Liston Street you can find a row of elegant cafes built in the beginning of the 19th century as Rivoli street in Paris.
The most famous architectural sites are located in the old town. There you can find narrow waving streets, houses with balconies entwined with flowers and vines, impressive embankment with palaces and fountains, ancient walls of the Venetian fortress. All these sites undoubtedly can impress even an experienced traveler. Corfu is a wonderful mixture of various European influences.

Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous is the Patron Saint of Corfu

Saint Spyridon Church (a Greek orthodox church) is the most significant and respected by the Greek people place. St. Spyridon is considered to be the patron saint of Corfu. Each year the relics of the Saint are taken in procession on Easter day.
A lot of men on Corfu are named after Saint Spyridon. It is believed that the Saint helps people in solving juridical and financial problems.
Easter is a happy and long-awaited holiday especially brightly celebrated here, on Corfu. A fascinating feast as if embraces all the people and becomes a center of attraction. All the participants forget about their routine and get into the spirit of an Easter day. Fireworks and concerts are organized for the celebration. A remarkable tradition from Italy is also worth to be mentioned here. On this day people throw ceramic pots with kind inscriptions out of their windows. Pieces of broken pots are taken by passers-by for luck.

Panoramic view of Kerkyra

Corfu Resorts

The northern part of the island attracts tourists with incredible views of its nature, picturesque harbours and legends.
Sidari resort with its famous curiously shaped rocks is a very romantic place. According to the legend, lovers who have swim along the Canal d’Amour between those rocks will stay a couple forever.
Plenty of taverns worth to be visited to taste some dishes of the local cuisine are located on a lovely embankment of Kassiopi Bay.

Canal de Amour. Sidari

Canal de Amour. Sidari

The highest point of the northern-east part of the island is Mount Pantocrator. From there you can admire a wonderful view of the Ionic Sea and Nissaki resort. Those who love romantic atmosphere will appreciate small pebble beaches, rocks and fantastically beautiful sea.
Paleokastritsa cape on the western coast of Corfu represented with three harbors covered with forests is a perfect place for family vacation.
The southern part of the island is quite far from the capital Kerkira that’s why the most of the resorts are concentrated on the west and east.



Ancient traditions, nature with its wild and primeval beauty, white sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes all that is Corfu. This island is like a dream from the childhood. It cannot be fully described with words. It is like a pleasant summer night dream, an unclear pink mist… A colorful, bright and full of joy Greek island Corfu is waiting for you! Having appeared in your life once it will stay in your heart forever.
Your guide, Dimitrios Papadopulos

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