Delphi. A Center of the World and Navel of the World

To this day, everyone who wants to join the sacrament of this sacred place has an opportunity to wash in the Kastalia spring, pouring from the underground. A Pythia, priests and people, who came there to ask for a prophecy, necessarily washed themselves in the waters of Kastalia spring before the rite.
At the very foot of Mount Parnassus a picturesque sacred precinct Delphi lays. Delphi attracts tourists not only with its fascinating history but also with beautiful nature, unity of the sea and mountains.
Delphi is located at an altitude of 700 meters above the sea level in a very colourful area. Protected by mountain ranges and hills the atmosphere in Delphi is charming, cozy and mystical. Blooming almond trees in spring fill the air with its’ delicate aroma. The blossoms are as admired as archaeological sites. Delphi is rightfully considered an open-air museum.

Village of Delphi

Indeed, Delphi is a mysterious, sacred and legendary site. The most famous Oracle of Ancient Greece is located there. Through the centuries, it has always been a cultural and religious center and a symbol of unity for the Greeks.
For a hundred years the Oracle used to make prophecies about the upcoming events, it affected both the ancient history and the worldview of the ancient Greeks.
According to the ancient myth, Delphi is a center or “a navel” of the Earth. The two eagles, released by Zeus, met there.
The history of Delphi begins in prehistoric times. In the ancient Greek myths, the history rises with mysterious vapours from a chasm in Fedriades rocks.

Initially this place was associated with the cult of Gaia, Greek goddess of Earth. Later, with joint efforts of the ancient Greeks and, according to the myth, by Apollo himself, the majestic Temple of Apollo was built there. The Temple soon became widely-known thanks to the Oracle of Delphi.

There, in the Temple of Apollo, Pythia (the high priestess) in a frenzied state of mind, which resulted from inhaling of vapours rising from a chasm in the rock, prophecised to the greatest politicians and common people. Apollo’s prophecies have always been ambiguous and have never given a certain answer.

The highest period of the Oracle of Delphi dates 6-5 centuries BC. The most outstanding works of art of Ancient Greece were created during that period.

Ancient Theater at Delphi

Delphi was repeatedly looted and its treasures were stolen. Despite this, Delphi still keeps its grandeur, which you can believe in only by visiting it. Unspoiled nature and ancient ruins harmonically combine with each other and intensify each other’s beauty. People come to Delphi to admire its astonishing views and to feel an especial energy of this place.

Delphi is definitely not a place of a dazzling glare and noise characteristic of other tourist centers, but Delphi is a place where you can feel the magic, mystery and intellectual mysticism.
Your guide, Dimitrios Papadopoulos

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