Meteores. A journey between the sky and the Earth.

An excursion to Meteores is the most popular one in Greece. You can barely find a person who has been to Greece and didn’t manage to visit Meteores.

Meteores is an orthodox sacred place, a selection of climbing and tracking routes, a cinema shooting location and simply a very beautiful place.
Meteores in Greek means “floating in the skies”. Can you imagine floating monasteries?
Meteora monasteries isolated from the rest of the world have been a hermitage since the 11th century. The famous monasteries stand on mountain summits. It is one of a few monuments in the world created both by humans and nature. A human intervention in a stunning landscape of Meteores resulted in a harmonious monument.


The Monasteries of Meteora is a Significant Monastery Complex in Greece

It is perched onto twenty-four cliffs up to 300 meters high and resembles towers.

Monasteries were established here in Byzantine epoque. Rocks, mountains and cliffs with monasteries atop is a unique place, teaching us wisdom and giving us power of internal harmony.

In the 9th century hermits following the teachings of the Eastern Orthodox Church settled there. They created a special world, free from the power of nature and free of time. Monks were searching for seclusion and salvation in a spirit. The first monasteries were established in the 14th century, the most prosperous period was lasting from the 15th to the 16th centuries.
The Meteora Monastery Complex is second in importance to Mount Athos Eastern Orthodox centre.
A monachal congregation used to include twenty-four monasteries, nowadays only six of them are still functioning and open for visitors.

St. Barlaam Monastery

It may seem that the monasteries grow naturally from the rocks. Red tiled roofs and wooden, as if suspended in the air balconies brighten the landscape.

Astonishing beauty of the site in the rays of morning or pink evening sun, wonderful pureness and quiet, harmony in silence of a sunset or a sunrise – all together make this place unforgettable.


Monastery of Roussanou — a Cinema Shooting Location

The Monastery of St. Roussanou (or the Monastery of Agia Varvara Roussanou) rises on a small plateau of a steep rock. In 1976 it became a cinema footage location for “Sky Riders”.
A plot of the film revolves around a kidnapping. A wife and kids of a rich industrialist were kidnapped and hidden in a mountain fortress on a small Greek island. Actually, the fortress is a monastery which was reconstructed and restored after shooting.

In some scenes shot inside the monastery it is possible to notice frescoes dated the 16th century painted by the artists of Cretan School. Hostage recovery is made by a group of hang-gliders. The beauty of the Meteora mountains can be seen from the height of their flight.

Rusanu Monastery (St. Barbara)


The Meteora Mountains is a Unique Natural Phenomenon

The view you can admire from the monasteries can not be fully described in its greatness. It is a wonderful and incomparable landscape which looks amazing in any season. Thessalian plain landscape is a bare ancient sea floor. A charming view of cliffs surrounded with a green carpet, a sense of quietness and sacredness of this place astonish at first sight and then bring you relaxation and harmony.

Meteora Rocks. Once the floor of an ancient sea

Meteores is not only a sacred place for Orthodox Christians interested in lifestyle of the modern monks, not only an admirable tourist site, but also a unique geographical phenomenon. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world for mountain climbing and tracking.
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