Olympus. An Excursion to the House of Gods

Is there anyone who has never read ancient Greek myths? We suppose that childish imagination gives us a wrong picture of Olympus as a single mountain. In fact, Olympus includes about 40 mountain peaks!

Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece and the legendary house of the twelve Olympic gods.

Atmosphere of Olympus, its energy and magic, its beauty and majesty can not be described. Words are unnecessary here… The only thing we can say that the one who is going to climb this divine mountain will forget about everything! With each step up to the top of the mountain and there, in the clouds, all your thoughts, your daily routine and worries will seem to you so distant and insignificant as if they were from another life.

Olympus in Spring

There, on the top, in golden rays of sunset, among silent peaks and clouds you will be able to feel the beauty of the moment and of the eternity at the same time. You will admire an endless turquoise sea meeting with azure skies on the horizon and bright mountain summits around you with a deep green flow of a coniferous forest.
You can lose your breath from this astonishing beauty! A dream of a child who has imagined that legendary mountain while reading Ancient Greek myths comes true here.
The highest Olympus peak is Mytikas (2918 m). Not far from Mytikas there are three peaks: Stefani (2905 m), Skolio (2912 m) and Prophet Elias (2803 m). According to legends Stefani peak (which is translated from Greek as “crown” or “wreath”) is a throne of Zeus, the king of all other gods.

Olympus is a legendary mountain hiding many secrets.

The locals from nearby villages share unbelievable stories. These stories can be legends or just a fantasy of people living their lives inside a myth. However, inexplicable natural phenomena of Olympus play a part. Thus, as locals say, each morning in the rays of sunrise on Stefani summit you can see how the shadows depict the face of Zeus.

Top of Stephanie - the crown of Zeus

Olympus is also the most important national park of Greece.

Deep ravines and caves, impressive rocks and mountain tablelands are hidden in the depths of the national park. Olympus is a house of more than 1700 herbal species, several decimals of which are endemic.

Olympus in the Clouds

Whether you will try to climb one of the Olympus peaks or you will have a nice walk towards the nearest viewpoint and admire the sea view and Thessaloniki and Halkidiki views in a sunny weather, in both cases you will feel satisfaction and renewal. A unique and charming beauty of the mountains has a magical calming effect on people.
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