Thessaloniki. The Northern Capital of Greece

Most of Thessaloniki’s cultural attractions are included in the UNESCO International Heritage List.

Thessaloniki. A City with a Rich History

Thessaloniki is a fascinating city with a rich history lasting through the centuries. The city is the largest in northern Greece. In the Byzantine period, Thessaloniki was the second most important economic, political and cultural centre of the empire after Constantinople. This era of the highest heyday gave the city monuments, museums and Byzantine churches worthy of admiration to this day.
Nowadays Thessaloniki is a colorful European city, a trade and economic centre of the Balkan countries, a cultural capital and educational centre of South-Eastern Europe.
Each corner, street or square of the city has its own history, great or small, tragic or amazing, ancient or modern. Thus, collection of the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki includes the exhibits dating from the Neolithic period to the period of Late Antiquity. The Museum of Byzantine Culture displays the masterpieces of Byzantine art. MOMus Modern (Museum of Modern Art – Costakis Colleciton) with the acquisition of the collection including works of the Russian avant-garde has entered a new era of development and it is rightfully holds its position in the international top list of museums of the modern art.

Aristotelous Square – Heart of Thessaloniki

The square itself tells us its legends. Aristotelous square is the central square of the city with plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, confectioneries and souvenir stores. It is a trade and tourist centre of the city.

Площадь Аристотеля.
Слева гостиница Electra Palace

The square faces Thessaloniki embankment – a favourite walking route that always attracts attention. Parallel to the embankment, which the Greeks affectionately call Nea Paralia (New Waterfront), there are the main shopping streets Tsimiski and Mitropoleos, where boutiques, shops and shopping centres are located. A perfect place for shopping in the rhythm of a modern city.
You can sip a cup of freshly brewed Greek coffee with a traditional dessert in one of the cafes located on the square or on the promenade, sitting in the middle of a motley crowd, enjoying sea breeze and watching the rushing citizens and then walk along the promenade to the White Tower.
If you want to drink a cup of coffee with the most beautiful view of the city, visit the café located on the top floor of the Electra Palace Hotel. From there you can admire the whole Aristotelous Square, the Thermaic Gulf and the Upper Town (Ano Poli).

The White Tower of Thessaloniki - Symbol of the City

The White tower of Thessaloniki is a famous building of the city, once part of the city fortifications. In the Ottoman period, it served as a jail for prisoners. After the liberation of the city, the tower was whitewashed and renamed. Currently, the White Tower is a symbol of Thessaloniki, it houses a historical exposition dedicated to the city and its citizens.

The White Tower of Thessaloniki

The White Tower, Aristotelous Square, the Church of Saint Dimitrios, the heavenly patron saint of Thessaloniki, the Church of Hagia Sophia, the Arch of Galerius – one of the ancient Roman buildings in Macedonia, the Upper Town (Ano Poli) – the oldest district of Thessaloniki that offers a panoramic view of the whole city and the Aegean sea, all these cultural attractions are just a short list of places to visit and to be admired of in Thessaloniki.
A walk or tour around Thessaloniki inspires, fascinates and gives an opportunity to join the daily life of its citizens and open the hidden pages of centuries-old history of the city.
Your guide, Dimitrios Papadopoulos

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