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Greek winemaking is a cradle of a modern wine culture. The process of wine tasting is as ancient as the process of winemaking.
Greek wines were widely known during the period of the Roman Empire. Greek wines are not so popular nowadays, they get lost among the wines of mass production.

The sun heat, morning dew freshness, power of the earth and a tactile contact with hands of a man, who has grown up together with a vine - that is what distinguish a small family winery from a large faceless factory. Winemaking is a devotion, a need of a soul, a call of the family. The secrets of winemaking art are passed on from generation to generation.

Winemakers do everything by themselves. They plow the soil and plant grapes, grow it carefully, harvest grapes and make wine.

Work and life of winemakers are inseparable from each other. Imagine rough hands of a winemaker. These are the hands of a creator; he is not a simple craftsman. These hands cut plants, loosen the soil, water it, harvest, fill in the bottles and then bring you a bottle of wine and open it.

The beauty is expressed in the taste of wine. One pair of hands has given thousands of touches. Not only aroma, body and aftertaste such wine has, but also a soul.

“Don't be afraid, Queen, the blood has long run down into the earth. And on the spot where it was spilled, grapevines are growing today.”

Mikhail Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”.

Wine tasting is…

Process and pleasure

An empty clear wine glass is filled in with ruby red or straw ash white wine and it seems to become alive. First, you see the colour vibrating in golden rays of sun, then you smell the aroma of wine and then you crave for a sip of it. Make all your sense organs work, feel 100% pleasure!

The First Meeting

The first sip is like the first impression - it can be deceptive. Sometimes you like it right away, and sometimes it is not so clear. And then you take the second sip, and the third… A proper appetizer makes the process easier. It can be delicate goat cheese, a warm crumb of bread with a crispy crust or slightly salty smoked bacon. The process of learning new wines keeps going, revealing new sorts with its’ tastes and characters.


For sophisticated wine tasters wine tasting is an opportunity to choose a right wine for their favourite dishes. It is a chance to estimate the smell, body of the Greek wine, its light or oily texture, gently enveloping and smoothly turning into a pleasant aftertaste.

For those ones who are just starting their journey to the world of wine wine-tasting is a good opportunity to learn about basic concepts and styles, recognize fragrances and learn to distinguish high-quality wines from mediocre ones.

Happy Memory

Recollections of a warm evening with a good company will make you feel good in the rainy autumn or in the cold winter. People start their journeys to get the memories of the green spring hills or yellow summer hills covered with golden wheat, a view of the legendary Olympus, vineyards and atmosphere of harmony.
Wine tasting is a touch
It is an opportunity to touch the magic of the earth, the beauty of nature and the art of a human.
Wine tasting is worth trying when you are in Greece.
Your guide Dimitrios Papadopulos.

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